Share The Growth’s team members have been supporting causes and missions for several decades. Most recently we are providing relief in the Bahamas in the aftermath of hurricane Dorian. Experience the joy of giving to this essential cause. Visit the Share The Growth Fund at NCF and specify Bahamas Dorian Relief in your comments.

We offer a heartfelt THANK YOU to the Organizations, Share The Growth Ambassadors (STGA’s), and especially the numerous volunteers.

 We are honored to assist in the missions, and purposes, you are  passionate about!  When you donate, you select the cause that is near and dear to you and we help you choose how best to provide support that can accomplish the most beneficial long term outcomes.

Our Board of Advisors will helps to ensure that your donation goes directly to the causes and purposes you are passionate about. 

Share The Growth Funds and volunteer support will add to your donation for the cause you are passionate about helping.  You will be in control. We are here to help you experience the joy and fulfillment of seeing better desired outcomes as a direct result of your donations.

Share the Growth Ambassadors are resultants not consultants. We encourage you to be an educated giver by using us and other tools such as to ensure that your donations go directly to the cause you support and not to other unrelated expenses.

Our mission is to help you support the causes you choose more effectively and efficiently. We bring organizations together to collaboratively achieve synergistic outcomes, for win-win solutions.

All Share the Growth Associates are contributors and or volunteers, no one has or ever will be paid from donated funds.

Share The Growth