Boating events, Seacreation trips, Leadership Empowerment Symposiums, Leadership Lunches, Women Empowerment events, Charitable events, and  more scheduled for 2020 and beyond. Come back often for the latest updates.

On Behalf of the Leadership at Share The Growth:

We are proud and honored by sacrificial volunteering at Share The Growth. Most recently helping with the challenge of the Coronavirus around the world. Volunteers are supplying masks, sanitizer, and other preventative tools to help stop the spread of the virus. We will be starting Zoom Webinars at least one a week.
When we meet face-to-face, sĩ feet from one another. We keep our distance in groups with one health care provider expert in sách group. No more than seven people in each group.
Our last gathering was yesterday for lunch at Galuppi’s. We applaud for using special disposable utensils, and only seating people at every other table with plenty of space between people. We will also have a hotline set up shortly for people that need any kind of help, financial spiritual, psychological, or physical help.
Let’s use this opportunity to unite and put the humanity back into communication.
Be safe, but don’t stop having fun! Relationships are one of the greatest gifts we share and experience.

Due to increased measures to maintain safety and security as we work individually and as a community to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus, Share the Growth is recommending that we use this “stay at home” time to increase the bonds with close family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to each of you as we weather this storm together. Thank you for your continued support of our mission to enhance health and prosperity world wide. Check back for updates…

Past Events

Leadership Empowerment Symposium

Lunch Networking Event
Friday 3/20/20 at Everybody will be sitting with one seat between them empty.  We will have experts there who will share free help for your family and you against the virus. For Lunch you have a selection of a main entree with soup, salad, or side for only $6.99 There is plenty of Room overlooking the beautiful Greg Norman design golf course. Hope to see there if you like reply yes meaning you’re planning on coming or no you’re not. You don’t have to RSVP since there’s plenty of room.

Enhance Quality of Life Event

Our March 26th service featuring Chip Walter has been Canceled

It is with concern for your health and the health of all of our members that we have decided to cancel this month’s event.

We look forward to rescheduling with Chip Walter in the near future, and we will post updates here.
Chip Walter, author of the book Immortality Inc.
Chip Walter is an author, National Geographic Explorer, filmmaker and former CNN bureau chief with an unusually broad background that spans both science and entertainment. Chip will be speaking about his new book, Immortality, Inc. — Renegade Science, Silicon Valley Billions, and the Quest to Live Forever for National Geographic

His books reach out to mainstream audiences to explore scientific topics that relate to the human condition, human evolution, emotion, behavior and creativity.
Chip’s articles have appeared in National Geographic, The Economist, Slate, the Wall Street Journal, Scientific American and Scientific American Mind, among many other publications, and have covered subjects as diverse as the origins of kissing, laughter, human consciousness and art. He has been lucky enough to travel to six continents as a journalist and documentary filmmaker, from the Amazon Rain Forest and outback of Australia to the Serengeti and remote islands of the Pacific. His cover story The First Artists was National Geographic’s featured story in January 2015. His books have so far been translated into eight languages reaching readers from Kyoto to Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Hong Kong and Seoul.

Chip’s magazines, documentaries and books have won several awards.
Following Chip Walter’s presentation, Bill Faloon will give a brief presentation an Update on Age Reversal

Previous Events

Dinner party networking and celebrating birthdays! At Red Lobsters near the intersection of 62nd street and Federal Highway

Many Thanks to everyone who attended our recent events. Many of the attendees contacted us within 48 hours with encouraging words of  gratitude and helpful feedback.  Several asked to be notified at least a week in advance of future events. So we will definitely keep you posted here with a planned online calendar.

An example, one of our recent events was a Leadership Empowerment Symposium on at the Keiser University Flagship Campus.

World renowned in more than 40 countries, Dr Nic, conducted a three hour event in the University’s Auditorium. Dr Nic has held this event around the world for more that 20 years. Thousand of people have experienced extraordinary life changing benefits from their attendance and participation.

Below are examples of a few organizations Share The Growth has helped as requested, together with some of the methodologies we incorporate to produce consistently positive sustainable results. Share The Growth provides donors with the ability to specifically select where their donations are used with input on how those funds are used.

Share The Growth
Private Disaster Relief can be Better than FEMA
Save the ChildrenPhantom Rescue Who Will You Send
West End Bahamas Damage & Relief Efforts

If you have any questions call 954-781-1115 and please leave a message if you do not reach us immediately so we can return your call.